Yes, we are geeks, which by definition means we LOVE to stay abreast of all the latest in emerging technology. The daily challenge, however, is to figure out what new emerging technology is a “shiny object” and what’s something that has potential for mass reach and can drive ROI for our clients.

We know it can be easy to look at a new high-tech gadget and get what we call “shiny object syndrome,” which basically means to become enamored to the point of practically falling in love with it, yet missing any potential flaws or being reasonable about any of its limitations.

Over the last few years, we have seen tons of new emerging technology – QR codes, augmented reality, social media, mobile applications/ sites and wearable technology. Many shiny objects have come and gone. Social media and mobile experiences were once viewed as emerging technologies and now have become the new norm in digital marketing. While we’ve seen many changes over the years, our “tried and true” digital marketing tactics have remained the same – email, websites, organic search/ SEO and digital paid media (paid search, display and digital integrations/ native ads).

Beware of shiny object syndrome. We believe any useful emerging technology should allow it to be easier to connect with people/customers. In other words: high tech to be high touch.

Author: Katie McCormick

Katie McCormick is our Vice President of Digital at CrushIQ. She recently moved to Wilmington, NC to join our team. Prior to Wilmington, Katie lived in Manhattan where she ran digital at Revlon, Macy’s and New York & Company. Three things about Katie: 1) She loves yoga, 2) Her friends and family sometimes call her iKatie and 3) Katie thinks y’all is the best word EVER!