About Us

We are brand marketers who are digital marketing experts. CrushIQ blends creative strategy, media and technology.
about We specialize in website and mobile experiences, digital paid media, organic search, social media, digital PR and emerging technologies. We approach digital marketing with our clients in a digestible manner. We have extensive experience in real estate, fashion/retail, consumer packaged goods and sports.

We believe in the following:
  • We start with “what is your objective?” Or as we like to say, “what’s your WHY?”
  • We want to understand what is working? And what’s not working?
  • It’s important to understand the competitive landscape…and what they are doing in digital
  • We should determine what success looks like upfront
  • Digital marketing is a mix of art and science
  • Our CrushIQ mantras are:
    • Fish where the fish are biting
    • Just because you build it does NOT mean they will come